Dr. Maha Hussain’s Latest Clinical Research: Prostate Cancer

“Research is what will cure cancer, it’s not wishful thinking, it’s not hoping.
It’s absolutely active involvement.” 

Metastatic Prostate Cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed cancer-type in men and major cause of death. Dr. Hussain explained, “we’ve had major milestones in this disease during the last three to four years”. Dr. Hussain was part of an international team of researchers that published their extraordinary findings last month in the prestigious “New England Journal of Medicine”. The clinical trial drug called Darolutamide provides new hope for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer patients.  Darolutamide is an oral agent that provides hormonal treatment to essentially shut down the testis, preventing it from produicng the male hormone which feeds the cancer. Together with chemotherapy, this new drug can prolong life. Dr. Maha and her teams are still waiting for the FDA’s approval of the drug, however they are hopeful that it will be pushed through. A major issue with prostate cancer is resistance and she emphasizes the importance of being ahead of the cancer by aiming to kill it before it stays alive adapts and becomes resistant. Dr. Maha believes that the average longevity of life continues to improve because of strides we are making in cancer research. In a large trial that Dr. Maha ran internationally, about 17% of men lived longer due to advancements in cancer research. Symptoms that men should pay attention to include, urinary issues such as leaking such as having to use the bathroom more frequently or having trouble going to the bathroom, and blood in the urine. Dr. Maha encourages anyone who has a family history of prostate cancer to get tested for their PSA earlier than guidelines suggest and anyone who has symptoms should get evaluated by their primary care doctor immediately. HCRF is proud to support Dr. Maha and her cutting-edge research. 

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